Scholarship In Habib University

Habib University is one of the best universities which are located in Pakistan. And nowadays the Habib University has going to announce. That they are giving scholarships to students. Who is good at the study so if you are good at your studies. And you want to get a scholarship you can easily get a scholarship from Habib University without any problem.

So today we will tell you how you can get a scholarship at Habib University. And we also discuss in this scholarship what type of you have facilities. And all the functions how you can apply for the scholarship we also decide this point. We also describe the percentage of Government and the criteria for the scholarship so stay tuned with us. And read all the articles to get information more about the scholarship at Habib University 2021. 

Habib University Admission 2021

Literacy To insure equal occasion for all prospective scholars anyhow of their religious, ethnic, ethnical, sexual or socioeconomic backgrounds, Habib University offers unequalled literacy to support scholars, in whole or in part, so that they can pursue their four-time degree program at the University.

Literacy are Depending on the seeker’s degree of admission when accepted, they may be awarded one of our renewable literacy in recognition of their strong academic achievements. Entrance subventions are awarded between 20 and 100, depending on your degree of merit. 

Habib University Percentage Required

Habib University percentage requirement so how do I tell you that Habib University is going to announce their scholarship that was the many students who are trying Habib University decide to give the scholarship according to the merit. 

so the Habib University also say that they will provide from 20 % to 100% scholarship for students according to the trade which he gets in the merit list exam after that they willDecide and announce who has been winning the scholarship according to the great every person has been given their percentage requirement is not matter 

Habib University Schumankind 2021

Habib University scholarship 2021 however I tell you in the above article that Habib University are often are scholarship but if you are interested in the Habib University scholarship you have to need to know that Habib University is giving the scholarship only to those students.

who are capable to pass their medical exam and they have also maintained the GPA all the air then they are acceptable and they are also given scholarships according to the merit list it means that they are given the scholarship according to your grade which will become in the entrance exam or they are also saying that they will give scholarship from 20 % to 100%

Habib University Scholarship Criteria

Habib Merit Scholarship 

This literacy cover 20 to 59 of the education, lab and/ or plant freights for the donors. 

Habib Excellence Scholarship. This literacy cover 60 to 90 of the education, laboratory and/ or plant freights for the donors. 

Habib Younes Scholarship  At Heliopolis University, being a distinguished experimenter at Yohsin is the loftiest honour for incoming scholars. 

Habib University Fees

Apply for education and fiscal aid All prospective scholars aspiring for literacy and/ or fiscal aid are needed to submit education and/ or fiscal aid operations at the time of their admission operations. You can apply for both literacy and financial aid if you’re looking for both. 

Habib University Courses 


  • BSc (Honors) Social Development & Policy 
  • BA (Honors) Communication & Design 
  • BA (Honors) Relative humankind 


  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering 
  • BS in Computer Engineering 
  • BS in Computer Science 

Faculty Integrated Lores and Mathematics (CIM) 

  • WiCSE 
  • archive & ACADEMIC SUPPORT 
  • round 
  • Our benevolences 
  • Ask a Librarian 
  • Constantly catechized interrogatives 
  • Exploration Tools & Collections 
  • mastering elbow room & Computers 
  • appanages & Liabilities 
  • ACADEMIC capitals 

Playground CPE (Center for Pedagogical Excellence) 

  • CSAM 
  • IDRAC 
  • Center for Media & Design 
  • Arzu Center 


 Course Descriptions 

  • Minors Offered by School of Trades, 
  • Humanities and Social Lores 


  •  Habib University – Academic Year 2021 – 2022 Timetable 
  •  Academic Roster PDF 
  •  Pupil Forms ( Presently Enrolled) 
  •  Class and Test Schedule 

Download and complete forms 

Download education and financial aid forms from the links below (to view and save information, you must have the rearmost interpretation of Adobe Acrobat Reader). Save templates to your computer Complete the forms electronically or publish and fill them out manually. 

Attach the needed supporting documents with the financial aid operation. Supporting documents must have your operation ID number mentioned on each runner. The education operation doesn’t bear any fresh documents. 

How is Literacy Determined? 

The Literacy rewarded by Habib University at the occasion of acknowledgements isn’t arbitrated just based on High School Grades. Crucial attorneys that contribute to determining the eligibility of scholars for Education. And include the following.

  • Grades attained in secondary/ advanced secondary seminaries 
  • interpretation in Habib University’s Entrance test/ SAT resentments 
  • Communication chops including writing 
  • Thoughtlessness about tone and the society 
  • Passion and enterprise were taken for community service, and participation in different conditioning similar as sports, poetry, performing trades, visual trades, etc. 

Maintaining the Needed CGPA 

We trust the capabilities of all our scholars and grease them in their academic endeavours in a variety of ways. Habib University’s Writing Centre and EHSAS Centre give remedial support to scholars in prostrating their academic problems. Faculty Advisor give one-on-one guidance to scholars in different areas 

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